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Breakfast/Lunch Foods served
Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday
10:00 am - 12:00 noon

THE West Side Brunch was initiated to provide meals to needy individuals on the west side of Chester where no other agencies filled the need. West Side Brunch offers a nutritious meal three times a week to any one who enters the hospitality room in need of a meal. WSB serves on average 385 individuals each month. Staff and volunteers prepare and serve the meals taking time to become personally acquainted with each client. Special holiday meals are prepared to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, and if it is known, even clients’ birthdays are acknowledged. Clients have begun to increase their awareness of one another sharing stories and experiencing a sense of community.

On occasion, other groups request the opportunity to prepare and serve a meal for West Side Brunch. Clients enjoy the tribute paid to them by such guest groups such as parishioners from St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Church’s Social Justice Group and students from Widener University’s School of Hospitality.